Lahden Klubitalo


LAHTI CLUBHOUSE is a member community consisting of mental health rehabilitators and paid staff members. We offer our members peer support and activity, which is customized to individual needs. Our goal is to improve the quality of life for members and to reduce the need of hospital treatment. We also support our members in matters related to education and employment. Participation is voluntary, free of charge and meant for people with a history of mental illness.

Staff and members of Lahti Clubhouse work together side by side; we all take part in decision-making and plan implementation. A working community is at the heart of our model; we work in three units within the Clubhouse. Each serves an unique purpose and is essential to running the Clubhouse.

OFFICE UNIT takes care of the reception, administration and other office jobs.

STUDY AND WORK UNIT runs the Lahti Clubhouse employment program, Transitional Employment.

In the KITCHEN UNIT you can learn the basics of cooking and maintain already learned skills. You can also work in ClubCafe cafeteria.

@WORKSHOPS gather regularly and include various projects. We pay attention to the skills and goals of the participants. In the IT@workshop, members can learn computing skills & practice various common computer programs. The focus of the CREATIVE@workshop is on visual expression and artistic activities.

Lahti Clubhouse pays attention to the needs and goals of members and organizing different kind of trainings and courses.

Twice a month on a Monday evening from 16.00 -18.00 we have theme nights. Activities vary from board games to movies. In addition we organize events and trips.

"Our dream is for people with mental illness history to realize their potential, overcome marginalization and participate more as valued members of society."